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Hydrogenify Ltd offers innovative hydrogen energy solutions with our cutting-edge Hydrogenera® systems series AEM and AEM Z.

AEM by Hydrogenera®

AEM by Hydrogenera® is a modifiable hydrogen energy saving solution for heavy industry, transport, heating, gas transmission, storage, and hydrogen valleys.
The system is designed as a puzzle, allowing for modular and flexible configuration to meet specific project needs, while being fully autonomous and automated with built-in safety systems.

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AEM Z by Hydrogenera®

AEM Z by Hydrogenera® offers modifiable hydrogen energy saving, production and distribution solutions for a variety of applications, including heavy industry, transportation, heating, and more.
The systems are fully autonomous and secure, with built-in safety features, and are designed to provide energy independence through integration into closed-loop renewable energy systems.

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Our Global Partners

Partnering for a sustainable future with Hydrogenera® - expert builders of efficient hydrogen production processes,
leading provider of alkaline electrolyzers in Eastern and Central Europe. With over 82 successful projects,
Hydrogenera® is a leader in alkaline electrolyzers throughout Eastern and Central Europe.

More About Us

Hydrogenify Ltd proudly represents Green Innovation PLC, the owner of the Hydrogenera® brand, as its official representative in the United Kingdom. As a proud member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, Green Innovation PLC made a successful debut on the stock exchange in 2022, capturing the attention of businesses worldwide with its innovative solutions and forward-thinking approach.
Hydrogenify Ltd is at the forefront of alkaline electrolyzer production and integration in Eastern and Central Europe, boasting a track record of over 82 successful projects. We help bring the process from Hydrogenera® brand to United Kingdom and implement it from scratch - survey, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.







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